Explore our approach to sustainable communities through green building principles

Our sustainable communities present a new model for connecting people and places to each other and to the environment. They create a sense of vitality and belonging, while minimizing ecological impact.

We’ve re-thought urban design, construction, transportation, land use, energy generation and storage, water management, as well as urban food and lifestyle. The result is a new way of living, with careful thought given to conservation, lifestyle, and commuting needs.


West 5

We design and develop sustainable communities in North America. Our 7-Gen Communities flexibly integrate seven key principles for building sustainable communities. We consider the impact, several generations forward, of land use, building materials, energy production, transportation, water consumption, recreation, and key partnerships.


Learn how we’re re-thinking the role and impact of vehicles in our communities. Our mobility capabilities provide sustainable alternatives to modern issues such as urban sprawl, freeing land for green-space use that greatly benefits health and well-being of the community.

Distributed Generation

We design and deliver distributed energy systems and micro-grid solutions for clean, renewable energy. Our microgrids provide local energy needs, and can also connect to a centralized grid to provide resiliency during peak periods. 


A Trusted Partner for7-Gen CommunitiesTM

We invite investors, developers, technology providers, and government representatives to participate in our 7-Gen projects.