About Us

About Us


Explore the s2e team, our history and our green 7-Gen Community vision. Follow sustainability trends through our blog. 

Our Mission

Explore how s2e is tackling climate change, with the goal of improving sustainability for generations to come.

Our Team

The s2e Technologies team is a diverse group of pioneering experts in green building, sustainable communities, and clean energy solutions.

Our Story

Since 2006, the s2e leadership team has been innovating in clean energy solutions. In recent years, the team has pivoted to focus on a more impactful target: building sustainable housing communities based on our 7-Gen Principles.


News and Insight

The latest news and opinion on green building and sustainable community trends.


A Trusted Partner for7-Gen CommunitiesTM

We invite investors, developers, technology providers, and government representatives to participate in our 7-Gen projects.