Electric VehicleSolutions

Electric VehicleSolutions

EV Solutions for 7-Gen Communities

Our sustainable communities are designed for electric vehicle needs, including car-sharing programs for reduced consumption and cost-savings for residents.

Typically located close to transit or urban areas, our site selection practices are designed to reduce commuting time. But our 7-Gen Communities go a step further, addressing the unique needs of the growing base of emission-free, electric vehicle drivers. 

Charging stations are embedded in our communities, typically powered by renewable energy from a community microgrid. Where we use parking towers to reduce the land required for parking needs, we’re providing the first parking towers in North America with integrated vehicle charging capabilities. 

We’re also introducing popular EV car-sharing programs into our communities. Those who only need a car occasionally, or just love a good drive from time-to-time, can enjoy emission-free driving without the full cost of ownership and maintenance. Our EVE (Electric Vehicle Enclave) Park community in London, Ontario offers residents a fleet of Tesla vehicles just steps from their home, with a range of plan options from pay-as-you-go to 24/7 access.

We believe mobility and transportation needs must be integrated with community design for a truly sustainable lifestyle.


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