Green Mobility &Sustainable Transportation

Green Mobility &Sustainable


Modernizing Mobility

Our sustainable communities are designed for green mobility to reduce vehicle commuting and parking impact.

Our capabilities include solutions to support sustainable urban living through high-density parking solutions, electric vehicle infrastructure, and designs for the autonomous future. Our aim is to reduce the impact of vehicle usage through a community design with careful thought for commuting needs and storage (parking). Our sustainable communities go a step further by introducing ride share and car sharing opportunities.

As one example of innovation in this area, s2e Technologies is the exclusive Canadian distributor of DYPC – Dongyang PC Inc. products in Canada. DYPC’s carousel parking solutions offer an inexpensive and effective solution for parking in high-density areas, minimizing construction costs and maximizing space. Our research and development team is adding innovation to the DYPC product to create a truly unique offering for the North American marketplace.


Low-footprint Parking Capabilities

We integrate high-density vertical parking technologies to reduce the parking footprint within 7-Gen Communities.


EV Solutions

Our sustainable communities integrate electric car solutions for reduced consumption as well as cost-savings for residents.


A Trusted Partner for7-Gen Communities

We work with investors, developers, technology providers, and government representatives to develop 7-Gen Communities™.