Distributed Generation and Microgrids

Our microgrid capabilities provide distributed renewable energy to support sustainable development

Our team has deep experience in developing and deploying microgrid solutions that harvest renewable energy. We design versatile, scalable solutions that greatly reduce environmental impact with the added benefit of the resilience that distributed energy systems offer. Our deep experience allows us to engineer sustainable energy solutions for the future in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Our net-zero energy approach starts with energy conservation achieved through improvement of buildings, higher efficiency equipment and optimized integration. We couple this with the design and delivery of micro-grid solutions to provide on-site generation of renewable energy. You’ll see our microgrid solutions in play in the 7-Gen Communities we build, and we also work with innovative partners to design solutions that deliver on their sustainability goals.

Net Zero Energy

We worked with Longos and Neelands Group to build the first sustainable supermarket in Canada.


We are focused on disrupting the building and transportation sectors to make them cleaner, more attainable, and less harmful to our environment.

Grid-Scale Solar

Learn how s2e co-developed the largest contiguous photovoltaic solar power project in Canada.

Solar Fabrication

The s2e Technologies team developed an innovative business model that resulted in the creation of Canadian Solar Solutions.


A Trusted Partner for7-Gen CommunitiesTM

We invite investors, developers, technology providers, and government representatives to participate in our 7-Gen projects.