Canadian firm continues to demonstrate radical energy efficiencies in commercial building

Canada’s S2e Technologies continues to assert itself as a global leader in energy innovation, with the announcement of Helio: a mixed-use, multi-unit residential high-rise building with a “near-net-zero” energy footprint. The announcement last week follows the 2018 construction of Canada’s first major supermarket pursuing net-zero energy (Longos) in Stouffville Ontario: another breakthrough project by S2e.

Helio, in London Ontario, has attracted a $3.9M investment by Natural Resources Canada, through its Energy Innovation Program. S2e is a key partner and technology advisor with the building owner, London-based Sifton Properties. The innovative high-rise, which will be a feature in a net-zero-energy community developed with Sifton Properties, is expected to begin construction later this year.

While North American consumers show increasing willingness to make purchase decisions based on environmental and energy factors, and car manufacturers compete to refine electric vehicle technologies, Canada’s own S2e has been rapidly challenging energy assumptions on large building projects: bringing residential and commercial developers like Sifton into the forefront of radical energy innovation.

Helio will feature a system of energy efficiencies and innovations, including:

    • Lower window/wall ratio
    • Triple-pane low-e argon windows
    • In-suite ERV’s
    • Low-flow showers
    • Variable volume make-up air system
    • Corridor occupancy sensors
    • ERV smart controls
    • Energy Star appliances
    • Thermally broken balconies
    • Air-source VRF for the HVAC system
    • 270kW of BIPV on the building and over the parking area

These features are expected to generate a total 77% energy reduction and 90% reduced carbon emissions, according to Derek Satnik, S2e’s VP Technology, Smart Communities.

Natural Resources Canada notes that a key objective of the project is “to demonstrate that net-zero energy is feasible at the community level, and to inspire and inform widespread change across Canada’s construction industry towards net-zero energy.”

“This project will demonstrate first-of-its-kind net-zero energy construction in high-rise residential buildings, making it a model for the future.  Through energy-efficient practices and the use of renewable energy technologies, this project is creating new jobs and protecting our environment.”

Amarjeet Sohi

Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources

“Many Canadians don’t realize how important Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is for projects like this, or the benefits that can come from this funding. This investment from NRCan represents just over 5% of the total construction budget, but it’s the 5% that has the most impact on saving energy, promoting local industry, and creating new opportunity.  Projects like this create jobs, which pay taxes, which pay for the program. In the end, we keep the jobs, we have a better building, and an environmental benefit. It’s a win-win-win all around, and a smart investment by government.”

Derek Satnik

VP of Technology, Smart Communities – S2e Technologies

“S2e is proud to be working with Sifton on the Helio building in the West5 community: two leadership projects that are showing the industry how to build self-sufficient communities. Buildings the size of Helio are very challenging to achieve net-zero energy in Northern climates, but they can be made super-efficient, and then – as we’ve done with Helio – built as part of a larger neighbourhood that provides all its own energy.  We plan to incorporate more buildings like Helio at West 5, and demonstrate how developers all over North America can show their own leadership with neighbourhoods that can produce as much energy as they use.

Milfred Hammerbacher

CEO – S2e Technologies

About S2e

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