Innovation strikes again with completion of s2e’s FCM/GMF report for smart community development across Canada

Innovation strikes again with completion of s2e’s FCM/GMF report for smart community development across Canada

Canadian sustainable leaders announce solution to facilitate net-zero communities throughout cities

During this Earth Day season, we are celebrating leadership that truly makes an impact that is measureable.

On March 29, a remarkable event took place in West 5 (London, ON) with Canada’s global energy innovators, S2E Technologies Inc. and Sifton Properties where they seized an exciting moment for Canadian cities. Derek Satnik, VP of Technology, Smart Communities at S2E Technologies Inc. and principal investigator for the “FCM/GMF Feasibility Study: Municipal Tools for Catalyzing Net-Zero Energy Development”, hosted the event announcing the completion of the study. The report outlines what a municipality can reasonably do to motivate and enable builders to construct net-zero energy developments in communities across Canada.

The event began with 30 mins of speeches from the major stakeholders including Berry Vrbanovic, Mayor of Kitchener; Milfred Hammerbacher, CEO of S2e Technologies Inc., and Richard Sifton, CEO of Sifton Properties. Different media channels were invited to capture the essence of what this report meant to the cities. Following this, a tour of West 5 allowed guests to see the finished townhomes, construction of current projects, and the overall incredible development of the sustainable neighbourhood.

The report, available in 3 different versions, is a valuable tool that explains how to effectively enable developers to build net-zero communities across Canada, with a focus on the technologies and investment methods used, and on effective municipal incentives and processes. The report was funded by Cities of Kingston, Kitchener, London and Waterloo, and by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ (FCM’s) Green Municipality Fund.

S2e’s partnership between the FCM, four cities, and eight other developers (two per city) covered the development of brown and green fields, landfills, re-urbanization, heritage, mixed densities, and more. The study looks at three complementary and independent focuses which are described as technical feasibility, financial feasibility, and policy/process feasibility.

Climate change is having a measureable impact on Canada through increased flooding, wild fires, and other major weather events. Municipalities are in the best position to enable local leadership which addresses climate change, and sustainable neighbourhoods are a significant part of the solution. This report gives municipalities a set of real tools that have been tested and shown to be effective. Now they need to be put into practice.

“It’s an experience, we need to continue to educate”. – Milfred Hammerbacher,

CEO – S2e Technologies

“Earth Day is the best possible time to demonstrate climate leadership and to take action. This report gives tools to municipalities that are ready for use, and that work.” – Derek Satnik, VP of Technology, Smart Communities – S2e Technologies 

The event was a tremendous success that brought many people together to celebrate a step in the right direction where education and equipping were the themes throughout, stressing the ability to provide a better solution towards a promising future. This Earth Day, s2e is proud to be enabling true leadership at the local level with partners like FCM and the Cities of Kingston, Kitchener, London and Waterloo.

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Innovative EVE Park community gets zoning approval from City of London

Innovative EVE Park community gets zoning approval from City of London

Canadian energy innovator s2e behind a residential build that could change the way we live

London ON CANADA – The much-anticipated EVE Park project – an innovative residential community on the west side of London, Ontario – cleared another milestone in December, when local council voted unanimously to approve the zoning by-laws for the pioneering net-zero energy community. The December 10th approval has passed the requisite appeal period as of January 13th.

Derek Satnik, Vice President of Technology, Smart Communities for S2e, has been shepherding the zoning process. “We are really pleased that the zoning change had unanimous support from

council,” said Satnik, who was present at the December meeting. “We know, of course, that the City of London is deeply committed to sustainability issues, and it’s one of the reasons that a project like this is a great fit here.”

The EVE Park project is a groundbreaking residential community designed to integrate green energy technologies with a site plan that focuses on community and shared green space. The community has been designed with an autonomous vehicle future in mind; the plan includes an electric vehicle

car-share program, and removes car garages from the home to allow for more pedestrian-friendly walkways and more outdoor space for uses such as open parks, gardens, small playgrounds or walking trails. The community will include approximately 80 households, and is designed to be offered at market rate.

In their comments on the zoning approval, councillors noted the developer’s commitment to sustainability and alternative mobility.

S2e has co-developed the two largest solar farms in Canada, and has been technical advisor on a long list of projects including the neighbouring West 5 project (Sifton Properties), the first net-zero energy supermarket in Canada (Longos, Stouffville) and are currently in the process of developing net zero energy communities in Mexico, as well as the U.S. where land is under contract and a second EVE Park design is in the planning stages.

“We are all acutely aware of the climate crisis,” says Ashley Hammerbacher, Team Lead for the EVE Park project. “Our vision for EVE Park was to create the kind of sustainable community that could be a serious, viable part of the solution. A community that could generate as much energy as it used

– and that could reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and change our relationship with our environment and our neighbours. I keep hearing that it must be too hard or too expensive. Those are misconceptions, and we’re tackling them with the support of partners – like Ellis Don, Gensler, and others – who are working with us to change perceptions of what is possible.”

The sweeping, circular design of the buildings has also been a key identifying feature of EVE Park, which looks unlike any residential project in the world. The unique design creates community spaces and wide-angle views, says Hammerbacher, who notes that “the idea is that we want to live in a park,

not a parking lot.”

The company has kept in close contact with the London-area community as the EVE Park project has developed, and hopes to break ground in the coming months, although dates are not yet set.

“S2e is proud to be working with the City of London and our EVE Park partners to demonstrate how developers can show leadership on environmental issues by building energy-efficient, thoughtfully designed communities. We know that Canadians respond to the climate message and are looking to be part of the solution. EVE Park can help to show the way forward.”

Milfred Hammerbacher

CEO – S2e Technologies

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Energy innovator s2e continues to lead industry: pursuing net-zero-energy in high-rise “Helio”

Energy innovator s2e continues to lead industry: pursuing net-zero-energy in high-rise “Helio”

Canadian firm continues to demonstrate radical energy efficiencies in commercial building

Canada’s S2e Technologies continues to assert itself as a global leader in energy innovation, with the announcement of Helio: a mixed-use, multi-unit residential high-rise building with a “near-net-zero” energy footprint. The announcement last week follows the 2018 construction of Canada’s first major supermarket pursuing net-zero energy (Longos) in Stouffville Ontario: another breakthrough project by S2e.

Helio, in London Ontario, has attracted a $3.9M investment by Natural Resources Canada, through its Energy Innovation Program. S2e is a key partner and technology advisor with the building owner, London-based Sifton Properties. The innovative high-rise, which will be a feature in a net-zero-energy community developed with Sifton Properties, is expected to begin construction later this year.

While North American consumers show increasing willingness to make purchase decisions based on environmental and energy factors, and car manufacturers compete to refine electric vehicle technologies, Canada’s own S2e has been rapidly challenging energy assumptions on large building projects: bringing residential and commercial developers like Sifton into the forefront of radical energy innovation.

Helio will feature a system of energy efficiencies and innovations, including:

    • Lower window/wall ratio
    • Triple-pane low-e argon windows
    • In-suite ERV’s
    • Low-flow showers
    • Variable volume make-up air system
    • Corridor occupancy sensors
    • ERV smart controls
    • Energy Star appliances
    • Thermally broken balconies
    • Air-source VRF for the HVAC system
    • 270kW of BIPV on the building and over the parking area

These features are expected to generate a total 77% energy reduction and 90% reduced carbon emissions, according to Derek Satnik, S2e’s VP Technology, Smart Communities.

Natural Resources Canada notes that a key objective of the project is “to demonstrate that net-zero energy is feasible at the community level, and to inspire and inform widespread change across Canada’s construction industry towards net-zero energy.”

“This project will demonstrate first-of-its-kind net-zero energy construction in high-rise residential buildings, making it a model for the future.  Through energy-efficient practices and the use of renewable energy technologies, this project is creating new jobs and protecting our environment.”

Amarjeet Sohi

Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources

“Many Canadians don’t realize how important Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is for projects like this, or the benefits that can come from this funding. This investment from NRCan represents just over 5% of the total construction budget, but it’s the 5% that has the most impact on saving energy, promoting local industry, and creating new opportunity.  Projects like this create jobs, which pay taxes, which pay for the program. In the end, we keep the jobs, we have a better building, and an environmental benefit. It’s a win-win-win all around, and a smart investment by government.”

Derek Satnik

VP of Technology, Smart Communities – S2e Technologies

“S2e is proud to be working with Sifton on the Helio building in the West5 community: two leadership projects that are showing the industry how to build self-sufficient communities. Buildings the size of Helio are very challenging to achieve net-zero energy in Northern climates, but they can be made super-efficient, and then – as we’ve done with Helio – built as part of a larger neighbourhood that provides all its own energy.  We plan to incorporate more buildings like Helio at West 5, and demonstrate how developers all over North America can show their own leadership with neighbourhoods that can produce as much energy as they use.

Milfred Hammerbacher

CEO – S2e Technologies

About S2e

S2e is committed to changing the way buildings are designed – by providing immediately available, cost-effective solutions that make a real difference in fighting climate change and provide a better future for us all. Leveraging innovation, technology and a network of passionate people and partners, our sustainable solutions in renewable energy systems and smart net zero energy communities create lasting benefit for the economy and the environment. S2e Technologies collaborates with high profile partners from around the world to carry out sustainable and renewable energy projects that reflect a common goal: to better our environment.  Visit us on the web at, connect with us on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter.

Tech Innovator s2e Helps Longos Create Canada’s First “Sustainable Supermarket”

Tech Innovator s2e Helps Longos Create Canada’s First “Sustainable Supermarket”

Canadian firm “changing the way we look at building design,” says Longos president

Vaughan ON CANADA – Canadian grocery retailer Longo’s and tech innovator S2E today announced completion of Canada’s first “sustainable supermarket” at a Grand Ceremony in Stouffville. The Longo’s project – supported by Natural Resources Canada’s Energy Innovation Program – is the result of a collaboration between Longo’s, s2e Technologies and Neelands Group, with support from FCML, SNC Lavalin, Studio Intersekt and Hammerschlag & Joffe. The building design sets a new standard for resiliency, sustainability and risk management, according to Ady Vyas, VP of Energy Solutions for S2E Technologies.

The 40000 sq. ft. Stouffville store will use 35% less energy than other supermarkets and produce 65% of its own energy through the use of renewable technologies. The building is expected to reduce between 1500-2000 metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) per year.

“Longo’s is committed to the communities in which we operate and we’re committed to doing our part for the planet. I think that our customers expect that,” says Anthony Longo, President and CEO of Longo Brothers Fruit Markets. “We have a longstanding commitment to supporting energy reduction initiatives. So when we started to think about this new location, we decided to partner with S2E to create a different kind of building. We wanted to explore how we could actually create a sustainable supermarket, and learned that S2E could actually help make that happen. They are changing the way we look at building design.”

“Supermarkets are one of the more energy-intensive retail businesses, due to their large cooling and heating loads,” says Vyas. “Canada’s northern climate makes reducing energy use and therefore GHG emissions in supermarkets even more challenging. The key to the Stouffville project is the integration created by S2E’s energy microgrid. Longo’s were committed to demonstrating their values in this building design. They’re really showing the huge supermarket sector what can be achieved with this kind of collaboration.”

The Stouffville store will achieve its GHG reduction goals through the integration of efficiency improvements, renewable systems and technologies and other sustainable options including:

• CO2 refrigeration with heat reclaim
• Efficient building envelope
• LED lighting
• Higher efficiency entry vestibule
• Heat recovery in cases
• Higher efficiency glazing
• Roof Top PV
• Facade PV
• Parking canopy PV
• CCHP System with absorption chiller integrated with the CO2 system
• EV charging

“Longo’s has been supporting energy reduction initiatives for years, says Dave Mastroieni

Vice President Central Procurement & Facility Management, Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc. Reducing our environmental impact is just one way we are committed to serving our communities. Our newest location in Stouffville will reduce between 1,500–2,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year, which is equivalent to taking 274-366 cars off the road annually.”

“Longo’s continue to be market leaders in new innovative technologies, and Neelands Group is proud to collaborate in this leadership role,” says Noel Neelands, President of Neelands Group Limited. “This store in Stouffville has set the target for net-zero solutions with a suite of power-saving technologies and renewable energy that will make Longo’s a sustainable energy leader in Canada. Building supermarkets that are financially viable and environmentally responsible ensure that the net zero store will be the standard for future generations.”

Honourable Jane Philpott, Minister of Indigenous Services and Member of Parliament for Markham-Stouffville , was on hand for today’s announcement, and observed that Canadians have expressed their own commitment to a low-carbon future through the Generation Energy project.

About Longo’s

Tommy, Joe and Gus Longo opened the first Longo’s store in 1956. Longo’s is owned and operated by the second and now third generation of family members and today boasts 33 stores including 5 small format “The Market” by Longo’s, and Grocery Gateway, the leader in online sales of home delivered groceries. Inspired by the first generation and their commitment to high family standards, the Longo’s team of food experts are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations by offering the best food experience to every customer, every time by providing authentic value, genuine hospitality, uncompromising quality, inspiration and guidance and community care.

About S2E

S2E is committed to changing the way buildings are designed – by providing immediately available, cost-effective solutions that make a real difference in fighting climate change and provide a better future for us all. Leveraging innovation, technology and a network of passionate people and partners, our sustainable solutions in renewable energy systems and smart net zero energy communities create lasting benefit for the economy and the environment. Visit us on the web at, connect with us on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter.

About Neelands Group Limited

Since 1958 Neelands has provided refrigeration design, engineering, installation and services to some of the largest commercial refrigeration retail businesses in North America. Neelands has always been a leader in innovative technology, focusing most recently on solutions that reduce green house gas emissions and overall energy costs. Advanced control software and technology and a team of experienced technicians identify potential energy saving opportunities through equipment retrofits, re-commissioning, equipment design and  other operational practices. Through the use of environmentally friendly CO2 refrigeration systems, energy optimization software and new refrigeration technologies, Neelands has shown that sustainable solutions can be both cost effective and responsible. Find out more at

Ontario’s first sustainable net-zero community shaping up in London

Ontario’s first sustainable net-zero community shaping up in London

Sifton Properties Ltd. of London, Ont. has embarked on an ambitious 10-year project to build what is believed to be the province’s first sustainable, net-zero community.

Three years in the making, the 70-acre West 5 development will encompass 2,000 apartments, condominiums and townhouses along with 400,000 square feet of commercial space and a 1.6-acre park.

Located in west London, the community is being designed and built using SMART and net-zero technologies. The development will ultimately generate all of the electricity that it uses.

“Sifton has always been proactive in bringing new building techniques and designs to southwestern Ontario,” says president and CEO Richard Sifton. “We like doing things that are out of the box.”

The inaugural building is the Sifton Centre, home of Sifton Properties’ corporate office. The 60,000-square-foot building was designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects and constructed by D. Grant & Sons Ltd.

The building houses both office and retail space.

It incorporates a number of technologies including a solar rooftop and facade; automated lighting, heating and cooling based on occupancy sensors, level of sunlight and solar gain; dynamic glass windows that automatically tint and adjust to sunlight; low-flow plumbing fixtures; and a green roof.

Sifton Properties said the centre generates sufficient electricity to power 14 houses for a year. It also houses a 24,000-litre rainwater cistern that can flush toilets within the building more than 6,000 times with no draw on city water.

“It’s thinking about how you build a better mousetrap and working from that,” said Sifton, who joined the family-owned company in 1989 and has been president and CEO for the past 12 years.

Construction is currently underway on 87 townhouse units.

In the coming months, construction is slated to start on a 10-storey apartment building also designed by Diamond Schmitt, a 41,000-square-foot office building, designed by Tillmann Ruth Robinson Architects, and by year’s end, a seniors apartment building designed by Cornerstone Architecture.

A 4,000-square-foot pet services building is scheduled to open in April.

“There is no moss (growing) around here,” Sifton joked.

Down the road, a solar parkade will be constructed to service the Sifton Centre, the adjacent office building and the pet services facility.

Sifton has retained EllisDon as construction manager on the upcoming apartment building. D. Grant & Sons is the construction manager on the new office building.

In undertaking the development, Sifton Properties has been working with the City of London, London Hydro and s2e Technologies, a firm that specializes in the creation and delivery of large-scale environmentally sustainable solutions and SMART communities.

Late last year, Sifton and s2e won a 2017 Smart Energy Communities Award from Quest (Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow) in the real estate sector for West 5.

Sifton said executing a net-zero development of this magnitude has been a learning experience for all involved — from local building officials and regulatory agencies to the design professionals themselves.

“There aren’t that many architects or engineers with experience designing net-zero buildings,” he said. “So, we are ahead of the curve. Consequently, we spent a lot more time designing the Sifton Centre than we would have otherwise.”

In some cases, Sifton said, local trades had to be brought up to speed on proper installation techniques for such items as the solar facades on the Sifton Centre.

Keeping abreast of rapidly evolving technologies is an ongoing challenge, Sifton said.

“Things are changing so fast that you can’t rely on what you knew a year ago. You have to continually update,” he explained.

West 5 was formally unveiled at a trade show in London in late January 2015.

Established in London in 1923, Sifton Properties is a diversified land development and property management company.


s2e Technologies Wins 2018 GLOBE Climate Leadership Award

s2e Technologies Wins 2018 GLOBE Climate Leadership Award

Sustainable solutions that make a real difference.

s2e Technologies has been presented with a GLOBE Climate Leadership Award by GLOBE Series. It is one of two businesses and two municipalities recognized as exceptional Canadian organizations at the forefront of action on climate change.

Recognized with the Small/Medium Business Innovator Award, s2e was acknowledged for its smart communities, renewable energy, and micro-grid projects, and for its leadership and commitment to influence and engage stakeholders and policy to help advance local solutions to climate change.

s2e was chosen from a field of 86 applicants for the award, selected by a panel of judges consisting of members from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Business Council of Canada, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Smart Prosperity Leaders’ Initiative, and BASF Canada, and officials from GLOBE Series and the Delphi Group. All award winners were chosen for their ingenuity of the climate action innovations, the measure of the impacts on climate change, the adoptability of the innovations, and the level of engagement with residents and other organizations to take climate action.

“These outstanding Canadian businesses and municipalities are shining examples of what leadership in the 21st century looks like. They are paving the way for other organizations to not only survive but thrive in the clean economy,” says Mike Gerbis, CEO, GLOBE Series.

“Businesses and municipalities across Canada are at the forefront of action on climate change. I’m proud to recognize these exceptional local and corporate leaders working hard to reduce carbon pollution, promote more sustainable practices, and put clean energy solutions into action,” says Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change. “Their innovation, creativity, and leadership will help inspire others to take action – making our communities stronger, creating new jobs and business opportunities, and growing Canada’s clean economy.”

“We are tremendously honoured to be recognized with a GLOBE Climate Leadership Award and to be viewed by industry peers as a Canadian business on the forefront of action on climate change,” says Milfred Hammerbacher, CEO of s2e Technologies. “Through our smart community, micro-grid and net zero energy solutions, we are helping businesses in many industries achieve practical, achievable sustainability goals.