Nov 16, 2021 | Net-Zero Energy, COP26, Climate Change

We need decisive action from the policy-makers at COP26, but climate change is a challenge owned by every business and individual.

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland began last week. The two-week conference is better known as COP26, as it’s the 26th “Conference of the Parties”, bringing together world leaders to address the global challenges arising from climate change. It has been hailed as the biggest climate event since the Paris agreement of 2015. 

The agenda covers a broad range of topics including Science and Innovation, Transport, Nature, Youth, Finance, and one that’s exceptionally important to us: Cities, Regions and the Built Environment. But what most of the world will be watching closely is the world leader summit, where it’s expected that leaders of the world’s nations will commit to Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), essentially their commitments to help address climate change.

At s2e, we’re watching closely, both from near and afar — our Marketing and Strategy Advisor, Glen Drummond, is attending The New York Times Climate Hub, a 10-day event held alongside COP26 in Glasgow. Since day one at s2e over 15 years ago, sustainability has been intrinsic to our focus and efforts. This intent has coalesced into our 7-Gen Communities (LINK), our unique and innovative approach to developing sustainable communities.

We believe climate change is the challenge of our lifetimes. Good stewardship today can forestall dire consequences for our environment, buying time for the generations that follow to continue innovating. Government policy can be a tremendous accelerator for change, but alone it isn’t enough. We believe EVERY government, business and individual has a role to play in the effort. Often, education is the first step, and the topical spotlight of COP26 is welcome – it’s refreshing to see climate change at the top of the news feeds.

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